We are proud to launch the latest laser cutting machine – the Amada Ventis 3015-AJ to our business and customers. 

Taking Calne Engineering’s capabilities to another level, we are now metal cutting using the revolutionary Amada Ventis 3015-AJ. LBC (Locus Beam Control) technology has exceptionally transformed how we operate, resulting in a faster and more controlled production process. 

The fundamental benefits to our customers are remarkable, improving both processing quality and productivity to ensure a highly accurate cut. What makes the new machinery truly innovative, however is the beam-shaping system that allows for precise control of the laser beam motion.


We can provide a full range of capabilities but here are examples of the maximum thickness the Amada Ventis 3015-AJ can cut. 

  • Mild steel 25mm
  • Stainless steel 20mm
  • Aluminium 15mm
  • Brass 10mm
  • Copper 8mm
  • Titanium 6mm

The consistent cutting-edge technology needs little human interaction which means it can be left to run independently, even overnight, and with the increased cutting speed it can handle over 920 kg at a time.

We had been thinking long and hard about investing into LBC technology, when we learnt about the machine’s Greener credentials and improved running costs, the decision was made a lot easier.


  • The main benefits are when processing with nitrogen because cutting speeds are very high. This leads to increased productivity and lower cost-per-part.
  • Very high-quality stainless steel and aluminium processing is possible, which significantly reduces or eliminates any secondary operations required after cutting.
  • LBC Technology allows the high-density laser beam power to be utilised across the side faces of the cutting kerf, providing sufficient heat at the bottom of the cut to give dross-free possibilities.

Want to see the AMADA VENTIS 3015-AJ in action? Watch our videos here now. If you have any questions or want to arrange a visit, please get in touch with us.