Shot blasting & pre-treatment

Our shot blasting finishing process uses pressurised air to blow abrasive media against ferrous metals, cleaning and enhancing the surface texture – standard SA 2.5 and HSE guidelines are followed.

Our phosphate paint pre-treatment involves a chemical process in which the surface of a component is coated and cleaned. We tend to use iron phosphate: its chemical properties are non-hazardous, have excellent adhesion power and offer up to 500 hours’ corrosion resistance, producing a long-lasting, eco-friendly product.

Powder coating - wet paint spraying

We primarily use powder coating over wet paint spraying, as it generally provides superior protection. Some customers opt for our wet (water-based) paint spraying service, as wet paints contain zero carcinogenic chemicals.

Paint is cured following the manufacturer’s guidelines. Both our 3.6 x 2.4 x 2.4-metre high box oven and conveyor oven are gas-powered, capable of reaching 60-220°C.


Our plating finishes are commonly customer-specified for steel and aluminium products. Finishes offer protection from corrosion and can include: RoHS-compliant iridite NCP, zinc, clear trivalent, and passivation for stainless steel.


Our panel and chassis printing service can be carried out digitally or via screen, depending on your product and requirements. We can print on most substrates, including aluminium, stainless steel, and plastics.