Calne Engineering has been providing an exceptional standard of service for many years, with consistent investment in the best equipment and a team of skilled experts, making us the obvious choice for many businesses.

Our quick lead times, cost-effective services, location and high-quality craftsmanship appealed to Prolight, an international company renowned for its innovative lighting designs and with whom we’ve worked closely on several bespoke projects.

Our exceptional finishing services ensure that many of Prolight’s custom light fittings are ready for distribution within tight timeframes. By using a high level of skill and focus, Calne Engineering wet sprays Prolight’s fittings in specified shades of paint, offering a range of finishes, following up with an outer coat and packaging and then sending them back to Prolight for fitment.

Our latest project involved preparing luminaires for distribution to one of Prolight’s repeat customers, Kids Cavern, a luxury children’s clothing retailer with a bold and modern style. The company is set to open a second store in Manchester’s Trafford Centre, so the team at Prolight was briefed to create a new lighting design for the store.

The design needed to reflect the style of Kids Cavern’s first store, located in Liverpool. To ensure this was included, Prolight designed suspended luminaires in the shape of hexagons and other geometric shapes, creating a fun and interesting look.

Calne Engineering were asked to wet spray the light fittings in a special gold finish, achieving a turnaround time of 7 days, from drop off to collection. Our wet paint spraying service uses paints that are free of carcinogenic chemicals, curing them to meet specified standards using our cutting-edge equipment.

Wet spraying light fittings requires an extra level of care to ensure that the paint doesn’t infiltrate the inner workings which would cause extensive damage. To prevent this, we masked up the light fittings before beginning, eradicating the chance of damage and delivering fantastic results.

Once finished, the luminaires were wrapped in bubble wrap and other durable packaging, and sent to Prolight’s warehouse for inspection. The fittings underwent a quality assessment, ensuring the paintwork was satisfactory, as well as a visual inspection, confirming the end product looked polished and professional.

Another great project with Prolight, one of many to come.