Calne Engineering has always been committed to offering customers exceptional precision engineering services. Decades of experience and heavy investment in our cutting edge machinery makes us a natural choice for technically demanding, time-sensitive marine projects, the latest of which involved the production of 54 pipe saddles within ten weeks.

Our customer was looking for a fast lead time and a high-quality end product. The pipe saddles needed to be manufactured quickly as they were set to be transported to China via cargo ship, without delay. After reaching their destination, they were due to be installed on a ship-to-ship refuelling vessel, acting as guides for fuel hoses.

Replenishment at Sea (RAS) is a complex operation, calling for reliable, robust equipment and specialist knowledge – the Royal Navy carried out an operational refuelling for the first time in 2018, with HMS Westminster receiving fuel from RFA Tidespring.

The saddles we manufactured were roughly the size of two washing machines per unit, made from 6 and 10mm aluminium.

Thanks to our Amada EML AJ Fibre Laser Machine, we were able to guarantee a quick turnaround time. Able to laser cut metal with incredible speed and efficiency, it produced excellent results, well within our customer’s specified timeframe.

The saddles were individually plated and supplied with a plastic chute cover to help with friction, as well as a wooden board to facilitate easy connection to end ships during RAS. The saddles’ welds were then assessed via an approved body where they underwent and passed strength testing, receiving a Certex certification.

Due to the size and weight of the saddles, we had to place them in the shipping crate eight a time.

Another great marine project using our incredible machinery, and another satisfied customer.